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Meet Jae Wilkinson a.k.a JaeJustJ, the talented London College of Communications (LCC) student and budding illustrator behind our first collaborative capsule called "Summertime Madness". We caught up with her for a quick chat to see how she's doing and to talk about the work she created for this collection. Scroll down for more.

Model in Summertime Madness Collection

In the words of the late Cilla Black...hiya chuck, what’s your name and where d’ya come from?
My name is Jae Wilkinson originally from Margate, currently living in London and studying a BA (Hons) in Illustration and Visual Media at the London College of Communication.

...and how are you finding it?
Good...but ask me again once I've finished, I'm in my final few weeks.

So let's get a bit of background from you, what made you get into illustration?
Well, my father was the one who exposed me the beauty of illustration. He was (in secret) an amazing abstract artist inspired by Dali’s work as well as producing skilled portraits of my mother.
As a child I was mesmerised by this other side to my dad. From this I was eager to challenge myself in creating my own artwork.
I was never particularly any good, until my final years at school and then I kind of took it from there really.

What was your inspiration behind your illustrations for this collection?
My inspiration or concept you may say, behind the illustrations was centred around the madness and headache of summer holidays back when I was a kid - having all the kids out knowing that the planned 'family' holiday never goes to plan. So when I got the brief, I was excited and kind of knew what approach and direction I wanted to take. I choose to use a mixture of different mediums to create a collage of humorous illustrations, of events that happen upon the beach back in my hometown of Margate...chuckles.
I love colour, so I wanted the colour scheme to be colourful and current e.g pinks, pastel yellows and a aqua blues and I felt I would wear something with silly images on it, so thats the vibe I went for...more laughs.

Would you say painting is your favourite medium? If so why?
Painting with acrylic’s has always been my favourite medium just because it's so versatile however I do occasionally dabble in water colours, inks and digital work. I like to mix and mash things up every once in a while.

...we think your work is awesome! We love the way you're not afraid to try new's super refreshing to see.
Thank you so much, it means a lot. This whole project has been so much fun and a great experience. I hope to do much more in future.

Out of the gazillion artists out there (apart from your pops), who would you say is your artistic inspiration?
Man, there's so many...erm however if I had to pick one it would have to be the photographer Martin Parr and his various work capturing 'The Real Britain'. He has a real eye, I love all his work!

Last but least, where do you see yourself when you graduate?
Erm, If I’m honest I don’t have a specific goal as I’m not pinned to one medium. I love videography, editing, graphic design and photography too...So you can say I'm open minded towards my future and know ill be in happy in most area’s of creativity. Illustration will always be my go to though, who doesn't want to be a famous artist ay?

Visit for more info and work by JaeJustJ and to shop the new TWOXJAEJUSTJ collection.

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