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"Androgynous today means that men and women have the same attitude towards what they want to wear..."
- Giorgio Armani

TWO is a London streetwear label created by Cynthia Duku-Asamoah and celebrating all things unisex. We believe that gender in fashion is fluid. Whether you are male or female, what you wear should not be defined by society.

#Madeforboth our philosophy looks beyond gender in search of a different way of being; our original pieces aim to transform ‘what once was’ into ‘what now is’.

TWO designs flirt with feminine and masculine styles, drawing influence from the streets. Our unorthodox approach is underpinned by simple and understated ideas, translated into bold and bright designs.

Each trans-seasonal piece is created and designed by TWO using materials sourced to create purpose-built, ready to wear fashion essentials that will become part of your everyday wardrobe.



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